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Grouping Sheets: Changing Multiple Sheets at the Same Time
Figure 9–14. Where to get your hidden sheet(s) back
Click the name of the sheet you want to reveal (you can hide more than one), click OK,
and it will be back in plain sight.
NOTE: The data on hidden sheets can still be used, and its cells can still be referred to in
Grouping Sheets: Changing Multiple Sheets at the
Same Time
Excel makes it easy to group several sheets simultaneously, so that changes made to
any one sheet will affect the others in the same way; and this option applies both to data
entry and formatting.
To get a grasp on what this means, suppose you’ve designed a workbook, each of
whose sheets is devoted to a different employee in a small business. You want every
sheet to look the same, with cell A3 containing the caption “Employee Name” in each
sheet and A4 displaying the phrase “Social Security Number.” Once you group the
sheets, all you have to do is enter these captions on just one sheet—and “Employee
Name” will appear in every cell A3, and “Social Security Number” in every A4. That’s a
very efficient way to work, because your business might have a staff of 50 people—and
why should you enter the same things 50 times if you can get away with entering them
just once?
By the same token, you might want these captions to exhibit a 24-point font size on all
the sheets. Again, by grouping the sheets you need only make that change on one
sheet, and the change will be automatically extended to all the others.
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