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How to Group Sheets
How to Group Sheets
There are a few ways to group sheets, and they’re all pretty easy. If you want to group
all the sheets in your workbook, just right-click any sheet tab and click Select All Sheets (in
this context, the word select is identical to group ) on the resulting menu. That’s it. Your
worksheet title will now be accompanied by the word [Group] , too, as shown in Figure
Figure 9–15. What you’ll see alongside your workbook title when you group sheets
When sheets are selected, their tabs turn white (of course, one sheet will always appear
white, because you have to always be “in” at least one sheet), as shown in Figure 9–16.
Figure 9–16. Before grouping all the sheets (left) and after (right). The boldfaced text represents the active
sheet—the one you’re currently working with.
That’s the quickest way to group all the sheets in a workbook. If you want to group just
some sheets, click the first sheet tab you want to group, and then hold down the Ctrl
key and click any other sheet(s). In Figure 9–17, Sheet1 and Sheet3 have been selected.
Note that Sheet2 displays the default gray color because it hasn’t been selected.
Figure 9–17. Selecting multiple sheets
If you want to group several consecutive sheets, but not all the sheets in your workbook
(say, sheets 1 through 5 in an 8-sheet workbook), click the first sheet tab you want to
select, and then hold down the Shift key and click the last in the series (in our case
Sheet5). All the sheets between 1 and 5 will be selected as well.
One you’ve carried out the grouping you can start to enter data on the sheet you’re
currently viewing—and whatever data you entered will appear in the same cells in the
other grouped sheets. And the same applies to any formatting changes.
Ungrouping the Sheets
Sooner or later you’ll want to ungroup the sheets—because you’ll probably need to
enter data in a particular sheet that you won’t want reproduced in another. For example,
once you’ve entered the “Employee Name” caption in grouped-sheet mode, you’ll
naturally want to go on and enter specific employee names on specific sheets. But if you
don’t ungroup the sheets first, the first name you enter will appear on all the sheets. The
standard way to ungroup sheets is to right-click any grouped sheet and click Ungroup
Sheets on the resulting menu.
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