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Referring to Cells in Other Worksheets: Using Them in Formulas
Referring to Cells in Other Worksheets: Using Them in
Worksheets are, as the name suggests, analogous to pages or sheets in a topic. But
unlike the hard-copy variety, the information contained on these sheets can be referred
to and actively used by other sheets in formulas.
For example, you may want to add the salaries of two or more employees in your
company, and that information may be stored in different sheets. How then would you
go about adding them in one formula?
The problem is, as already indicated, every sheet has the same bundle of 16 billion
addresses; so if each salary is placed in cell its respective cell A3, how is each
distinguished from the other and utilized in the same formula besides?
This short exercise will show you how:
On a blank spreadsheet, type 23000 in cell A3 on Sheet1, and type
32500 in A3 on Sheet2 (don’t worry about formatting here).
Now, we want to add these two
values—let’s say in a formula in D5
on Sheet1. Click in D5 and type , =
and then, as usual, click cell A3 and
type , as shown in Figure 9–18. So +
far, we haven’t done anything new.
Figure 9–18. Starting to write the formula on Sheet1.
First we use cell A3 from Sheet1.
Then click the Sheet2 tab and click
cell A3 on that sheet, as shown in
Figure 9–19.
Figure 9–19. Now Sheet2. Note the formula in the
formula bar.
4. Then press Enter, or click the check mark by the formula bar. The result,
55500, appears in D5 of Sheet1—where you wanted it to go. The
formula reads
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