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Showing Formulas in Cells
NOTE: These options are sheet specific. That means that if you turn off the gridlines on Sheet1,
they will still remain visible on the other sheets. Remember also that if your turn the gridlines off,
you can still draw borders around selected cells (see Chapter 5).
Showing Formulas in Cells
If you’ve constructed a workbook with lots of formulas, you may need to inspect the
formulas for mistakes, or at least review them to remind yourself exactly how you put the
worksheet together. With that in mind, you can tell Excel to show the formulas in their
cells instead of the results of those formulas.
To show the formulas in a particular worksheet’s cells, click File Options Advanced,
and then check the Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated results box in the Display
options for this worksheet area (see Figure 9–26).
Figure 9–26. Where to display worksheet formulas in their cells
Click OK. All your worksheet’s formulas will now appear in their cells, something like
Figure 9–27.
Figure 9–27. What you’ll see in the cell instead of the result
To turn this visual effect off, return to the Advanced area of the File tab and uncheck the
Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated results option.
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