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Hiding the Ribbon
NOTE: You can also turn the show-formulas option on and off via the keyboard, by pressing
Ctrl+` (i.e., the character usually positioned right beneath the Esc key).
Hiding the Ribbon
To take matters even further, if you right-click any tab and click Minimize the Ribbon on the
ensuing menu, the ribbon will disappear, too (see Figure 9–28). And if you’re looking for
a keyboard equivalent, try Ctrl-F1.
Figure 9–28. The ribbon—nowhere to be found
Needless to say, you can get the ribbon back by right-clicking the context tab heading
and deselecting Minimize the Ribbon (see Figure 9–29), or executing Ctrl-F1 a second
Figure 9–29. Getting your ribbon back
A related option is Full Screen, found in the Workbook Views button group within the View
context tab (see Figure 9–30).
Figure 9–30. The Workbook Views button group
Click it and your screen will change to look like Figure 9–31.
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