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Keeping Important Data in View with the Freeze Panes Option
Figure 9–31. Nothing but screen: The Full Screen view
To get the normal view back, just press the Esc key, or click the standard button
in the upper-right corner of the window (the middle of the three buttons you’ll see there)
or double-click the worksheet’s Title Bar – the border at the very uppermost part of the
screen bearing the workbook’s title..
NOTE: Clicking the Full Screen option will introduce this view to all the worksheets in a
workbook at the same time.
Keeping Important Data in View with the Freeze Panes
There may be times when you’ll be working with a lengthy worksheet database
containing many rows and/or columns, and you want to keep the header row—and/or
column—in view.
For example, say you’ve devised a worksheet that compiles sales data for salespersons
by week, across a series of columns—52 to be exact, spanning an entire year (see
Figure 9–32).
Figure 9–32. A weekly sales data worksheet
The problem—a classic spreadsheet dilemma—is that once you begin scrolling to the
right in order to view the later weeks, the first columns disappear (see Figure 9–33).
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