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Keeping Important Data in View with the Freeze Panes Option
Figure 9–33. The salesperson names and weeks 1 through 3 are no longer visible.
The solution is to click the Freeze Panes button in the Window button group on the View tab
(see Figure 9–34).
Figure 9–34. The Freeze Panes button
In order to ensure that the salesperson names persist on the screen no matter how far to
the right you scroll, click anywhere in the workbook (as long as you can see column A)
and click Freeze Panes Freeze First Column. That will draw a black line down the boundary
between columns A and B (see Figure 9–35).
Figure 9–35. The black line tells you that the first column (A) will be remain in view even when you scroll to the
Now if you scroll right, you’ll see what’s shown in Figure 9–36.
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