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Protecting a Worksheet
Protecting a Worksheet
To start the process of protecting a worksheet (you can try this out on a blank
worksheet), just click anywhere in the sheet, click the Review tab, and select Protect Sheet
from the Changes button group (see Figure 9–39).
Figure 9–39. The Changes button group. We want to click Protect Sheet here, not Protect Workbook.
When you click Protect Sheet, you’ll see the dialog shown in Figure 9–40.
Figure 9–40. The Protect Sheet dialog box
Note that some check boxes are selected by default, and typically you’ll accept these
and simply click OK. The various options displayed in the dialog box give you control
over exactly which operations you’ll allow a user to perform on various worksheet
elements (e.g., whether a user will be allowed to format cells or insert rows even if the
worksheet is protected). If you accept all the defaults and click OK, the worksheet won’t
look any different. But when you try to type anything in any cell, you’ll be greeted with
the prompt shown in Figure 9–41 even before you can press Enter.
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