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Using a Password: Some Extra Protection
Figure 9–41. Do not enter: What you’ll see when you try to enter data in a cell in a protected worksheet
You’ll be prevented from entering the data, and that’s what protecting a worksheet
largely entails—blocking any subsequent data entry to a worksheet.
NOTE: This type of protection protects only a single worksheet in the workbook. The other
workbooks are unaffected by this action, and would still have to be protected individually.
Again, you should understand the limitations of worksheet protection. Even though
users will be prevented from entering data on the protected sheet, no one will be
stopped from copying the data on that sheet and pasting it into another workbook.
Using a Password: Some Extra Protection
You also can devise an optional password you’ll be asked to enter in order to protect
the sheet. When you first choose a password, another dialog box will then ask you to
retype or confirm it (see Figure 9–42).
Figure 9–42. How to enter a sheet protection password
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