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Unprotecting a Workbook
Note again that you’re provided with a password option. Whether you use a password
or not, when you click OK you won’t be able to move, delete, or add any worksheet—but
you will continue to be able to enter and edit data and formulas.
Unprotecting a Workbook
Unprotecting a workbook is about as easy as it gets. Just click the Protect Workbook
button a second time. Oddly enough, unlike the Protect Sheet button, the Protect Workbook
button doesn’t appear as “Unprotect Workbook” once you’ve protected the workbook.
It just doesn’t change. Of course, if you’ve designated a password, you’ll be prompted
to supply it before you can unprotect the workbook.
Every Excel workbook gives its users a massive amount of territory to work with, and
knowing how to work with its multisheet character is a valuable asset. Next, we’ll
explore what you need to know to print your Excel data once you decide to commit all
the information you’ve compiled in a workbook to hard copy.
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