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Printing a Selection
Figure 10–1. Fit to print: Ten cells worth of data
The next step is to access the Print command sequence, either by clicking the File command tab
and choosing Print, or by calling upon the venerable Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut. Either way, you’ll
be brought to the Backstage (see Figure 10–2).
Figure 10–2. A visit backstage: Your print options (at least most of them). Note the Print button.
Note the large print review pane to the right. In the simplest-case scenario, all you have
to do now is click the large Print button and head for your printer to collect your copy.
OK, it isn’t always quite that easy, but it usually doesn’t get much more challenging than
that. To delve into something slightly more complex than printing a worksheet, let’s first
see how to print a selection.
Printing a Selection
Let’s call up that Student Scores workbook, in which all those bonus grades were
handed out. The data there was stored in the range J7:L12, and now we want to print
the contents of just that range (see Figure 10–3).
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