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Introducing Excel 2010
Introducing Excel 2010
Most people don’t quite appreciate it, but lurking in the inner recesses of their hard
drives in the Microsoft Office suite is a mighty, flexible—and often dormant—tool for
working with information in countless ways: Microsoft Excel.
Of course, people know it’s in there somewhere, but even in an age in which computer
savvy is increasingly widespread, computer users often just don’t realize exactly what
they have in their PCs, and how a deeper understanding of Excel can make the work
they need to do easier, both on the job and at home.
When I speak to people about Excel, they marvel at the programming wisdom that
enables it to do what it does (or rather what it can do). But the next step—actually
applying Excel productively to a task, or applying a technique that can do a job more
deftly than it’s being done currently—is often something else again.
This book is here to help. Excel 2010 is the latest version of that best-selling application,
and while there’s always more to learn about it, we want to introduce you here to the
important basics that will let you do actual work.
The Advantages of Learning More
Ask someone how well they know Microsoft Word, and they’re likely to reply with the “I
know what I need to know” answer. That is, their expertise extends to the limits of the
jobs they need to do—writing correspondence, batching up a mail merge, working with
styles, and so on. And that’s fine. But Excel is different, because learning about its
capabilities, even when you don’t think you need to know them, can be a valuable thing.
Once you discover something new about Excel, you may begin to appreciate how you
can use it—and now. And with your additional knowledge you’ll start to glimpse the
nearly limitless range of things you can do with it.
It’s one thing, for example, to be able to total your company’s monthly or annual
receipts, and you might be able to carry out that task without a spreadsheet, after all.
But what if you needed to know how much each salesperson earned? Again, you might
be able to get away with that job without any aid from Excel, but things will start to get
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