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Surveying Printing Options: The Print Backstage
NOTE: If you’ve been clicking along with the exercises so far, your print views may not precisely
correspond with the screenshots. If that’s the case, it’s probably due to having a different page
size default set up in your system. If you live in the United Kingdom, for example, Excel probably
assumes you’re working with A4-sized paper, which would yield a different print preview from
the ones shown.
Surveying Printing Options: The Print Backstage
Now let’s take a closer look at the various options you’ll encounter when you enter the
Print section of the Backstage (see Figure 10–8; also see the Quick Start Guide for a
reminder of what the Backstage is).
Figure 10–8. The various Print options in the Backstage
Again, many of these options are easy to figure out on your own:
The Print button actually executes the print when clicked.
Copies allows you to set the number of copies you want to print.
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