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Surveying Printing Options: The Print Backstage
The Printer button lets you select the printer to which you want to print,
if you have access to more than device. Clicking the Printer drop-down
arrow reveals a menu enabling you to click the printer to which you
want to direct the print (see Figure 10–9).
Figure 10–9. Just select the printer you want to use.
Print Active Sheets, as
mentioned, is the default
option for this command, and
offers the selections shown in
Figure 10–10. You can elect to
print the entire workbook—that
is, all its sheets—or just the
range you’ve selected (Print
Selection). The reference to Print
Active Sheets (in the plural)
means that if you’ve grouped
two or more sheets, their data
will be printed.
Figure 10–10. These options allow you to choose
what segment of the workbook you want to print.
Pages lets you decide which pages on the worksheet you want to print. If
you print a large swath of a workbook, the overall print area may be too
large to capture on one page, so Excel will need to print additional
pages, as in our student grades printout before we selected a specific
range to print. When multiple pages are required, the page boundaries
are represented in the workbook by dotted lines, which appear once
you’ve viewed the imminent printout in the Backstage (see Figure 10–11).
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