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Surveying Printing Options: The Print Backstage
By default printouts are collated, meaning that if your output will
consist of three pages, the pages will appear in sequence (e.g., 1, 2, 3
and 1, 2, 3 again). But if you select Uncollated, all the page 1s will print
first, followed by all the page 2s, and so on. You might want to use the
Uncollated option if you need to make some hand-entered corrections
on all page 3s, for example.
Orientation gives you two print options: Portrait and Landscape (or vertical
and horizontal, respectively). Landscape orientation is commonly used
for printouts that contain many columns of data and would spill across
multiple pages if they were they printed in Portrait mode.
The paper size option lets you select the size of paper with which
you’re working. Obviously, paper size will affect how and where the
data gets distributed in a printout (see Figure 10–13).
Figure 10–13. Sizing up your printouts with the paper size option.
The Margins option is easy to overlook, but it’s important because
Excel printouts have to work with page margins. Excel’s default
margins (called Normal) stand at .7 inches left and right, and .75 top
and bottom (see Figure 10–14).
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