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Customizing Your Printing
NOTE: When you save a print area and close the workbook, and then retrieve the workbook
again, the dotted-line print area won’t immediately appear. But when you get back into the
Backstage the print area will appear in the print preview; and when you leave the Backstage and
return to the worksheet, the dotted-line boundary will then reappear. Note as well that if you
want to only temporarily override the print area, click Ignore Print Area in the settings (it’s found
in the drop-down menu headed by the Print Active Sheets option). To return to the original print
area you’ve selected, you’ll need to uncheck the box that will now appear alongside Ignore Print
Customizing Your Printing
In addition to the Print Area button, several other useful print-related options are
scattered among Excel’s ribbon tabs. The Page Layout tab contains a number of buttons
that emulate many features available in the Backstage (see Figure 10–21).
Figure 10–21. The Page Layout tab
Working with Page Breaks
The first three buttons on the Page Layout tab—Margins, Orientation, and Size, provide
alternative ways to access the same trio of options in the Backstage; their menus are
identical to the ones shown earlier (see Figure 10–22).
Figure 10–22. Look familiar? You’ll see the same menu when you work with margins in the Backstage.
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