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Customizing Your Printing
But the button to the right of Print Area (Breaks; see Figure 10–23) does something
Figure 10–23. Those are the breaks: Where to establish a page break
Click the arrow beneath the Breaks title and you’ll see the options shown in Figure 10–24.
Figure 10–24. The Insert Page Break option
What does inserting a page break do to your printout? Well, first consider what Excel
does by default. When you execute a printout, Excel prints as much of the data as it can
on the first page, until it runs out of space. It then goes on to print additional pages if it
needs them. But what the Insert Page Break option does is let you produce a second page
earlier than necessary; that is, before a second page would naturally have to be printed.
For example, recall the PivotTables workbook, spanning the range A1:D17 (we had
added one record in the course of our exercise). Open that workbook and survey the
data. Because the data encompasses only 17 rows and starts in the A column, we’d
only require one page to print it all (see Figure 10–25).
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