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Previewing the Page Break: Getting a Bird’s-Eye View of the Printout
Again, because the view of the data is scaled down, you’ll still be able to see many if not
all of the records in a large set of data in one glance.
In addition, note the solid blue line demarcating Page 1 and Page 2. You can click and
drag that line if you want to readjust the point at which the second page begins.
To illustrate, say you want to move the page break to a position above Peacock’s record
in row 11. Click the blue line and drag it down two rows, as shown in Figure 10–31.
Figure 10–31. You can click when you see the double-sided arrow, and then drag.
Then release the mouse. You’ll see the display shown in Figure 10–32.
Figure 10-32. The newly designated page break
Note, by the way, that if you have a lengthy collection of records and you examine it in
the page break preview, you’ll see dotted lines instead (see Figure 10–33).
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