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Spreadsheets Defined
But add a series of numbers on a spreadsheet—each one stored in a rectangular space
called a cell —and they all remain visible on the screen, as in Figure 1–3.
Figure 1–3. The sum total of a column of numbers: What you see is what you get on a spreadsheet
And you can add millions of numbers in one go, all of which are available on the screen
for your review and inspection (after all, there might be a couple of data entry mistakes
among those millions). And that’s just for starters; with spreadsheets you can also
change the ways the numbers (and text) look—that is, you can format them, you can
perform all sorts of mathematical operations on them, and you can capture numerical
information in chart form, too (see Figure 1–4).
Figure 1–4. A chart in Excel
Once you learn the basics of charting, you can turn out the type of chart shown in the
figure in about 10 seconds.
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