Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Adding Headers and Footers
Figure 10–41. How the salesperson data looks in the Page Layout view. This is page 1.
The Page Layout view attempts to portray your data exactly as it will print. Note the
narrow space representing the physical edge of the page (by the arrow), and the ruler
atop the page, indicating the dimensions of each column.
You can enter headers and footers in this view. Note the “Click to add header” area;
resting your mouse there reveals three subsections: a left, center, and right area, each of
which turns blue when your mouse is poised atop it (see Figure 10–42).
Figure 10–42. Click where you see the blue tint and simply start to type; the header will appear there.
Click in any or all of the three blue areas and type whatever text you want. You can also
scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Click to add footer” caption, which works the
same way (see Figure 10–43).
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