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Adding Headers and Footers Using the Page Setup Dialog Box
Figure 10–45. The Header/Footer tab. Note that the header data entered in the previous exericise is visible.
The header information entered previously is
still visible, but if you click the arrow by the
header field, you’ll see some additional, built-in
header options (see Figure 10–46).
Figure 10–46. Built-in header options. You’ll see
the same choices if you click the arrow in the
Footer field.
Among other things, these selections will record the page number in the header, or a
Page 1 of x option, which notes the current page number relative to the total page
printout count. For example, the header on page 1 of a three-page printout would read
Page 1 of 3. Other built-in options provide the user’s name and the date on which the
print was executed in the header/footer.
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