Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Playing Back the Macro
The reference to “VB project” points to the macro(s) in the workbooks,
which are automatically written in VBA, as discussed. If you want to
save the workbooks with any macros, click No. You’ll be brought back to
the Save As window.
When you get there, click
the Save As type drop-down
arrow and click Excel
MacroEnabled Workbook, as in
Figure 11–7.
Figure 11–7. Where to save a workbook in which a macro is
Then click Save.
Playing Back the Macro
Now let’s see how the macro works.
First, because our macro is going to enter the company logo in cells
A1:A3, delete the logo we’ve just typed there.
Then click View, and click the Macros
button (or click the down arrow and
select View Macros, as shown in
Figure 11–8, but that’s a bit
Figure 11–8. The View Macros option
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