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The figure shows Excel’s default setting, which will open a downloaded workbook after
disabling its macros. When this happens, you’ll see the prompt shown in Figure 11–22.
Figure 11–22. By default the macros are disabled.
By clicking Enable Content, you’ll be able to activate the macros, however. But if you
select the Disable all macros without notification option in the Trust Center, no macros in
downloaded workbooks can be turned on. Needless to say, if you’re only working with
your own macros, or with workbooks sent your way from the proverbial trusted sources,
you’ll probably want to opt for the disable-with-notification setting, or even enable all
A macro is a great way to speed a routine Excel task. Just record and save it, and the
commands you’ve executed will be played back at your request—and in all your
workbooks, if you save the macro to the Personal Macro Workbook. Remember the role
relative references play in the macro-recording process too, and your data entry
activities will be simplified significantly.
Also, don’t be too wary about the VBA editing option. Remember that your recorded
macros are automatically rendered into VBA, and by perusing that code you’ll begin to
recognize the opportunities it affords to let you make small but important adjustments to
the macros you’ve already recorded.
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