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Entering Data into a Selected Range
they always mean, rather, is that a value’s
in there (never text), and you just can’t see
it. All you need to do here is to widen the
column—but truth to be told, you can
leave it as is, if you want to only use it in
formulas and the like.
Entering Data into a Selected Range
Now let’s get back to a data entry issue I pointed to earlier, but didn’t discuss. You’ll
recall that when you select a range of cells, the first cell in the group remains white—that
is, it doesn’t turn blue:
Figure 2–20. Drawing a blank: the first cell in the selected range won’t change color.
Time to explain why. The first cell in a selected range maintains its original white
appearance to let you know that when you start typing, the data will enter that cell.
Moreover, if you conclude that data entry by pressing the Enter key, the range remains
selected—and the next cell turns white:
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