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Data Validation: Bringing Quality Control to the Worksheet
You’ll see the following. Note the four built-in lists we discussed earlier.
To start composing your own, just type the names in the List entries
area, and press Enter after each entry:
Figure 2–37. The Custom Lists dialog box
When you’re done, click the Add button. You’ll see:
Figure 2–38. Your own custom list
Click OK.
Now when you enter any one of those names in a cell (again, it doesn’t have to be the
first in the list) and drag it with the fill handle, all the other names will appear across a
row or down a column, depending on the direction in which you drag, of course. Your
friends—and maybe even your boss—will be impressed.
Data Validation: Bringing Quality Control to the
It isn’t exciting, but data entry is at the heart of every worksheet. The most ingenious,
jaw-droppingly-brilliant melange of formulas and charts won’t be worth a pixel if the
information it works with is suspect, and Excel recognizes that critical point by providing
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