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Data Validation: Bringing Quality Control to the Worksheet
Click Text length and then “equal
to” after you click the drop-down
arrow by Data. You’ll now see:
Figure 2–40 Character test—specifying a
twocharacter data entry requirement.
NOTE : Clicking the button at the right end of the
Length field will temporarily collapse, or shrink, the
dialog box when you click it. Collapsing will allow
you to see more of the worksheet. Just click the
button a second time and the dialog box will return
to its original size:
Figure 2–41. Selected short subject: collapsing the
dialog box, an option you’ll see in many dialog boxes.
Remember—we want to restrict the data in the selected cell to entries of
exactly two characters, so just type 2 in the Length field and click OK.
Then try to type CAL in your
selected cell and press Enter. You
should see:
Figure 2–42. Oops—we’ve typed one character too
Because we’ve violated the data validation rule we established—by
attempting to enter three -characters—Excel reminds us we can’t do it.
Either click Retry or Cancel and give it another go, this time restricting
the input to two characters. This time, it’ll work.
Just keep in mind that by clicking on “equal to” in the Data field we do mean exactly two
characters. Entering one character in the cell will also provoke an error prompt. Had we
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