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Adding Data Entry Instructions with Input Messages
Let's see how to customize a data validation prompt:
Select the range of cells to which you’ve assigned the Data Validation
Click Data Validation and click the Error Alert tab.
Select the Error Alert type you want to apply from the Style drop-down
Type a Title and customized message. For example—if you select the
Warning type, you could entitle the message Character Limit, and write:
Only two characters permitted in this cell.
Click OK.
Once that’s done, enter CAL—that is,
three characters, and press Enter; you’ll
Figure 2–47. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: A Warning
Error Alert. The user will still be allowed to enter three
characters anyway.
Note the Continue? prompt, which is supplied by Excel.
Adding Data Entry Instructions with Input Messages
We’ve seen that Error Alerts tell the user if they’ve violated a data validation, and what
they’ve done wrong. Input messages tell the user what sort of data is permitted in cells
before the data is entered.
To demonstrate how this works:
Select that same range of cells with which you’ve been working.
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