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Click Data Validation
Input Message. You’ll see:
Figure 2–48 . Delivering the message: The Input
Message dialog box.
Type Two-character limit in the Title field and “You must enter exactly
two characters in this cell” in the Input Message field, and click OK.
Click in any cell in the selected
range; you’ll see:
Figure 2–49. Proactive prompt: an input message
The idea is to pre-empt possible data entry mistakes, by letting the user know in
advance what’s allowed in the cells.
We’ve covered lots of ground in this chapter—literally. We’ve learned how to travel the
length and breadth of the spreadsheet and how to introduce data into cells, once we’ve
parked ourselves inside the ones we want, and we’ve learned how to fend off potential
data enty miscues with an array of data validation techniques.
Knowing how to get around the worksheet, select its cells, and post data to them rank
among the most essential Excel skills—and as you’ve seen, they’re pretty easy. But
sometimes you need to change what you’ve already done, and in the next chapter we’ll
see how to go about editing the contents of cells. It’s pretty easy, too.
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