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Copying Data
Copying Data
As usual, Excel presents the user with several ways in which to copy data, but we’ll start
with the textbook approach. To copy, do the following:
Select the range you wish to copy.
Click Home tab, and choose Copy
from the Clipboard button group
(see Figure 3–9).
Figure 3–9. The Copy button
Your range will be surrounded by
what are called marching ants
(really), those animated dashes
trooping around the range (see
Figure 3–10).
Figure 3–10. On the march: The ants are part of the
copy process.
Click in the first cell of the
destination range—that is, the area
in the worksheet to which you want
to paste the copied data (see Figure
Figure 3–11. You only have to click in the first cell of
the destination range.
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