Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Copying Data
Click Home, and then click Paste in
the Clipboard button group (see
Figure 3–12).
Figure 3–12 . The Paste button
You’re done (see Figure 3–13). The
keyboard equivalents for copy and paste,
by the way, are Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V,
Figure 3–13. The destination range receives all the
copied cells.
To summarize, the copying process asks you to select what it is you want to copy, and
then to indicate where the copy is going to be pasted on the worksheet. Note that when
you paste, you need only click in the first cell of the destination range, because Excel is
smart enough to know that if you’re copying 12 cells, you’re going to paste 12, too (see
Figure 3–14). And note there’s another keyboard equivalent to Paste available in this
context—pressing the Enter key.
Figure 3–14. The first cell in the destination range determines where the rest will be pasted.
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