Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Click Copy, and the text shown in
Figure 3–20 will appear in the
Clipboard area.
Figure 3–20. Your copied text, stored and ready to
Then immediately select the values in
cells I11:I13, and copy them as well.
The Clipboard should now displays
what’s shown in Figure 3–21.
Figure 3–21. Your choice: You can paste either—or
The Clipboard now records two entries, either one of which can be pasted by simply
clicking in a destination cell and then clicking the Clipboard item you need.
Note as well that by clicking Clear All you can empty the Clipboard, and by clicking the
X in the Clipboard’s upper-right corner you stop it from being displayed.
Once you build up your data entry and editing chops, you’ll want to start learning about
the ways you can do something with the data—that is, writing formulas and using other
means for gleaning something new from the information you’ve posted to the workbook.
Entering test scores is one thing; but calculating a test average —ah, that’s what Excel’s
about. Just turn the page.
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