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Adding a Column of Numbers
Adding a Column of Numbers
So let’s cut to the chase. Say you need to add that column of numbers—the classic
Excel task.
1. In cells H3:H7, enter the values
shown in Figure 4–1.
Figure 4–1. It will all add up: The numbers we want to add.
NOTE: Don’t get the wrong idea—the actual values we’ve entered don’t particularly matter, and
more importantly the number of values populating in the column doesn’t really matter either. The
procedure for adding 50,000 values in a column works the same way as adding just 5.
2. Next, click in cell H8, click the Home
tab, and choose AutoSum from the
Editing button group (see Figure 4–2).
Figure 4–2. The Editing button group
You should now see what’s shown in Figure 4–3.
Figure 4–3. In summation: We’re about to add all those numbers.
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