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Viewing and Editing Your Formula: Back to the Formula Bar
Figure 4–7. Note that SUM is being calculated in a different column here, and that the range to be summed spans
two columns.
NOTE: Another AutoSum button is available on the Formulas tab in the Function Library
button group, and it works in precisely the same way.
Now here’s another question: what does
AutoSum do when you place it in a cell
that’s both at the bottom of a column
and to the right of a row of data, as in
Figure 4–8?
Figure 4–8. Placing the cursor at the bottom right of
the data
In this case, AutoSum adds the values in the column , on the assumption that people
more typically add values in the vertical direction.
Viewing and Editing Your Formula: Back to the Formula
We’ve already talked about the formula bar—that long white strip bordering the upper
rim of the worksheet, used for recording the contents of the cell in which you’ve clicked.
Now you’re going to see what the formula bar is really about. Click in cell H8 and direct
your attention to the formula bar. You’ll see what’s shown in Figure 4–9.
Figure 4–9. Compare and contrast: Look at H8 and its contents in the formula bar.
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