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Calculating an Average
These work in an identical manner to AutoSum itself; that is, you can click in a cell
directly beneath a range of values if you want Excel to automatically use that range, and
then click any of the functions shown in the figure. Let’s look at each one in turn.
Table 4–1 summarizes them.
Table 4–1. Additional Functions You Can Access Directly by Clicking the AutoSum Button
What It Does
Calculates the average of a range of values;
ignores cells containing text
Count Numbers
Counts the number of cells in a range
containing values
Calculates the highest value in a range of
Calculates the smallest value in range of values
NOTE: The functions described in Table 4–1 ignore any blank cells they encounter in the
designated range. That means, for example, that
won’t treat a blank cell as if it were
equal to zero.
Calculating an Average
So, let’s see how to calculate an average, with the blank-cell rule from before in mind.
Now, if you were to click Average, you’d get the
function in cell H8, and you’d
see what’s shown in Figure 4–12.
Figure 4–12. Just your AVERAGE Excel function
Press Enter and you’ll see 56.6 in cell H8.
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