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Copying Formulas: More Than Just Duplication
that causes a bit of a problem—because the bonus-adjusted scores were brought about
by a series of formulas . John’s bonus-score cell (in the Student Scores workbook)
doesn’t really say 81—it says =K8+N7, and if we copy that expression to another cell,
both the K8 and the N7 are going to change, due to relative cell addressing—and we
won’t see 81 in the destination cell as a result.
One way out of this problem is to copy the test scores as usual, but to paste them into
destination cells using the Paste Values option, which pastes only the results of
formulas, not the formulas the themselves. Let’s try it out, and the concept will become
First, open the Student Scores workbook if you haven’t done so already.
Then select and copy cells L8:L12, which contain the bonus grades.
Then click in cell P8, which will serve as the first of the destination cells
to which we want to paste the scores ( Figure 4–28).
Figure 4–28. A different kind of copy and paste
Then, instead of clicking the
standard Paste command in the
Clipboard button group, click the
down arrow beneath Paste. You’ll
see what’s shown in Figure 4–29.
Figure 4–29. Various paste options
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