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Clarifying Cell References by Naming a Range
Figure 4–30. Cells C23:C42, now named Scores
Try this with the preceding cells. It makes
no difference whether the cells in a named
range are empty or populated with data.
Either way, you can name it. And if you
click the drop-drown arrow to the right of
the Name box, you’ll see a list of all the
range names you’ve added to the
worksheet, as shown in Figure 4–31.
Figure 4–31. Where range names are listed—one of
several places
Click any range name in that drop-down list, and Excel will select, or highlight, that
range. It’s a handy way to remind you exactly where a named range is located, and to
navigate to it too.
NOTE: A range name can consist of several words, but those words must be joined by an
underscore. Thus,
is an illegal range name;
acceptable, though.
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