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Clarifying Cell References by Naming a Range
Again, once a range is named you can apply it to a formula—and Excel helps you with
that process, through the Formula AutoComplete feature discussed earlier. If, for
example, you wanted to calculate the average of the
range, you’d do the
Begin by typing =AVERAGE (or really, , after which Formula =A
AutoComplete will take you to functions starting with the letter A).
After you’ve gotten as far as =AVERAGE( , start to type the range name
Scores . You’ll see what’s shown in Figure 4–32.
Figure 4–32. Keeping scores: Note the Scores range listed.
Formula AutoComplete is at it again, this time supplying you with the
name of a range , instead of its usual functions. Now press the Tab key
to select
, type the closed parenthesis to complete the
expression, and press Enter.
You can also define a range name with the
Define Name option, available through the
Formulas tab Defined Names button group
Define Name. Click the button and you’ll
see the dialog in Figure 4–33.
Figure 4–33. The New Name dialog box
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