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Naming Ranges from the Data in Your Worksheet
Naming Ranges from the Data in Your Worksheet
Now let’s look at yet a third way to construct range names, an approach that lets you
derive the names from data you’ve already entered on the worksheet.
On a blank workbook, enter grades shown in Figure 4–35 in cells I9:L13.
Figure 4–35. Title search: They’re soon to become range names .
Save the workbook as Test Scores. Now select all the cells in that range
and click Formulas Defined Names Create from Selection. You’ll see
what’s shown in Figure 4–36.
Figure 4–36. Range finder: Excel suggests range names culled from the titles in your data.
Click OK. Nothing will seem to have happened on the screen, but if you
click the down arrow by the Name box, you’ll see what’s happened (see
Figure 4–37).
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