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Limiting the Calculations
The Calculate method can also be used on Worksheet and Range objects, and it allows you
to narrow down the number of calculations that are performed. Using a Worksheet object
will perform all needed calculations on the specified worksheet. The following example calĀ­
culates the active sheet:
Sub RecalcSheet()
If Application.Calculation <> xlCalculationAutomatic Then
End If
End Sub
To calculate a limited number of cells, use a Range object to specify the cells you want to
recalculate. This example recalculates the formulas for all cells in the range C1:G13:
Sub Recalc()
End Sub
CalculateFull Method
CalculateFull forces all open workbooks to recalculate all cells regardless of the contents. The
following example recalculates all open workbooks:
Sub ReCalcFull()
End Sub
FindFile Method
The FindFile method displays the Open dialog box and opens the file selected by the user. It
returns a Tr ue value if a file was successfully opened or a False if the user clicked the Cancel
button. The following example prompts the user to locate the ProductList.xls file:
Sub FindProductList()
Dim bReturn As Boolean, strPrompt As String
strPrompt = "Please locate the ProductList.xls file."
MsgBox strPrompt, vbOKOnly + vbInformation, " Microsoft Office Excel 2003 _
Programming Inside Out"
bReturn = Application.FindFile
If Not bReturn Then
strPrompt = "File not opened."
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