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Figure 7-4. The Favorites list contains links to files and hyperlinks you want to remember
and access quickly.
Tip Make Your Favorites Easy to Find
Of course, you can add the Favorites toolbar button to any toolbar by clicking Tools, Customize,
Commands to display the Commands page of the Customize dialog box. Then, in the Cate;
gories pane, click Web and drag Favorites from the Commands pane to the toolbar where
you want the Favorites list to reside.
Yo u invoke the AddToFavorites method to add a workbook to the Favorites list using any
method attached to an object that references a workbook object, as in the following two code
FollowHyperlink Method
One useful way to create help and informational files for the Excel applications you create is
to save them as Web pages, which lets you set up a series of hyperlinks users can click to get
help on using a form or other object. The following code listing presents the basic syntax of the
FollowHyperlink method, with Table 7-4 fleshing out the details of the most-used parameter.
expression.FollowHyperlink( Address , SubAddress , NewWindow , ExtraInfo , Method ,
HeaderInfo )
Table 7-4. The Parameters of the FollowHyperlink Method
An expression that returns a Workbook object.
Required String
The address of the target document.
Optional Variant
The location within the target document. The default
value is the empty string.
Optional Variant
True to display the target application in a new
window. The default value is False .
You won’t need to set most of these parameters when you use the FollowHyperlink method,
but the NewWindow parameter does come in handy when you want to be sure that the
document you open appears in a separate window and doesn’t overwrite any existing information.
The parameters that are listed in the code but not in the table are only used if you need to call
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