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the Web page using specific Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) instructions. You'll need to
check with your network administrator for the proper settings.
The following example displays the Web page at in a new window:
ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:="http:
//", _ NewWindow:=True
For more information on using hyperlinks and the Web, see Chapter 25, “Excel and the Web.”
Printing and Previewing Workbooks
Printing workbooks is one of the most valuable tasks you can perform because it lets you
communicate your data to other individuals in a fixed form that isn’t dependent on a
computer. The venerable device from which you read these words (a book) is one
implementation of that concept. When you want to give your colleagues the ability to print a copy of a
workbook, you use the PrintOut method.
expression.PrintOut( From , To, Copies , Preview , ActivePrinter , PrintToFile ,
Collate , PrToFileName )
The PrintOut method is also available for sheets, charts, objects, and cell ranges.
The parameters of the PrintOut method correspond to most of the controls in the Print dialog
box, shown in Figure 7-5. The only exceptions are the Properties button, which displays the
control program for the active printer, and the Find Printer button, which uses the Directory
Service (if available) to display the available printers on the network, but neither of those
facilities are vital to printing a workbook on a known network configuration.
Figure 7-5.
The PrintOut method includes all of the important controls from the Print
dialog box.
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