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Note In the case just mentioned, the first worksheet you click would be considered the
active worksheet.
The following code snippet selects the worksheet named Sheet1 :
If you’d like to select more than one worksheet at a time, you can use an array as the argu­
ment for the Select method, as in the following example:
Worksheets (Array ("Sheet1", "Sheet2")).Select
In this chapter, you’ve encountered the most important properties and methods you will use
to manipulate Excel workbooks and worksheets. Whether you want to save your workbooks
programmatically, change when your formulas are recalculated, or protect your workbooks
and worksheets by requiring users to know the password to gain access, you can make your
workbooks and worksheets behave as you want them to behave. In Chapter 8, you’ll learn
how to perform similar tasks with ranges and cells.
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