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The total that appears in the cell should be the same, $5,571.00. Examine the definition
of the DailyValues name. Go back into the Define Name dialog, and select DailyValues from
the Names list box. The Refers To box will show =January!D$6:D$36. The column names
are relative, but the rows are absolute. You can use the name DailyValues within a formula
if you need to reference the entire range of values entered within that column, from row 6
through row 36.
Warning You can use the names you create in any row except rows 6 through 36;
if you use the names in a formula in those rows, you create a circular reference that
invalidates your formula.
Reserved Range Names
There are a few reserved names that Excel uses for internal purposes and that can’t be used
when defining your own ranges. However, knowing what the names are used for and how to
apply them lets you extend the usability of your macros further. The reserved names are
Consolidate_Area , Criteria , Database , Data_Form , Extract , Print_Area , Print_Titles , and a
collection of others that begin with the prefix Auto_ .
The Print_Area name is perhaps the most useful; it lets you set the range of cells that
will be printed. Although this task can also be done using the PrintArea property of
Worksheet.PageSetup object, using the Print_Area range is more flexible. The PrintArea
property lets you set only the range of cells to print using A1 style notation or other range
names. Furthermore, any examination of the property will reveal the range in A1 notation,
even if you used the name of a range.
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