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Is a Function Built into VBA or Not?
Remember that the default behavior of the Visual Basic Editor is to display the required
arguments for a function and the available properties, methods, and events of an object
after you’ve typed the name of the object and a trailing period. You can usually figure out
whether you need to use the Application.WorksheetFunction object by trying to type the
function in without the object and seeing if a ToolTip listing the required arguments
appears. If the ToolTip appears, you can use the function as a function; if not, try typing
Application.WorksheetFunction. (there is a period after WorksheetFunction there) and
see if the worksheet function you want to use appears in the list of available properties for
the object.
Note The following line consists entirely of nonprinting characters:
The TRIM function is similar to the CLEAN function in that both functions get rid of
unwanted characters, but the TRIM function strips away unwanted white space (spaces, tabs,
carriage returns, line breaks, and so on) before the first alphanumeric character and after the
last alphanumeric character in the string. The TRIM function also strips away all but one
space between words. Again, these extraneous characters can sneak in as an artifact of
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