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Because The Garden Company uses a consistent naming system for its products, you can cre­
ate a procedure to determine the category of each product ordered. In this naming system,
the first two characters of an item’s identification code indicate to which category the item
belongs ( TL for Tools, SP for Supplies, and FN for Furniture). So, rather than require a user
to enter the category, the procedure could do it for them.
Note The data in the worksheet has all uppercase letters, so the entries in the proce­
dure’s Case statements look for uppercase-only category codes.
Public Sub NoteCategory()
Dim MyCell As Range
Dim strFirst, strLast, strAllCells, strCategory As String
strFirst = InputBox("Enter the address of the first cell in the OrderItem
strLast = InputBox("Enter the address of the last cell in the OrderItem column.")
strAllCells = strFirst & ":" & strLast
For Each MyCell In Range(strAllCells).Cells
Range(MyCe ll.Address).Select
strCategory = Left(MyCell.Value, 2)
Select Case strCategory
Case "TL"
ffset(0, 1).Value = "Tools"
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