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Using the Add-Ins dialog box
To use an add-in, it must be loaded into Excel. The Add-Ins dialog box (accessed by choosing
Tools, Add-ins from the main menu) controls what add-ins are loaded when Excel starts.
(See Figure 11-1.)
Figure 11-1. The Add-Ins dialog box dialog box controls which add-ins are loaded into Excel.
By default, the Add-Ins dialog box displays add-ins that have been installed with Excel. A
check mark next to the add-in’s name indicates that the add-in is currently loaded. Table 11-1
includes a list of add-ins that are typically installed with Excel.
Table 11-1. Add-Ins Supplied with Excel
Analysis ToolPak
Includes financial, statistical, and engineering analysis tools
and functions
Analysis ToolPak VBA
Includes financial, statistical, and engineering analysis tools
that can be accessed by Visual Basic for Applications programs
Conditional Sum Wizard
Creates a formula that computes the sum for data that
matches the specified criteria
Euro Currency Tools
Includes tools to format values as euros and add the
EUROCONVERT function to simplify currency conversion
Internet Assistant VBA
Includes developer tools that assist with publishing
information from Excel to the Internet
Lookup Wizard
Creates a formula that looks up data in a range using
another value from the range
Solver Add-In
Includes tools that compute solutions for what-if scenarios
using adjustable cells and constraints
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