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DiscountedPrice = 0
End If
End Function
Before saving the add-in, you should update the properties of the workbook (by choosing
File, Properties from the main menu). At a minimum, you should enter a meaningful value
for the title property on the Summary tab. (See Figure 11-2.) This value will be used to iden­
tify the add-in in the Add-Ins dialog box. By default, Excel will store add-ins in the Applica­
tion Data\Microsoft\AddIns directory in the user’s Documents and Settings directory.
Figure 11-2. The title of the add-in should be specified along with any other properties of
the workbook.
Saving the Add-In
To save the workbook as an add-in, choose File, Save As from the main menu. This will dis­
play the Save As dialog box. (See Figure 11-3.) Choose the folder where you want to save the
file, and then select Microsoft Office Excel Add-In (*.xla) as the file type. Pressing the Save
button will create your Excel add-in.
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