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Registry Entries
Although it seems like extra work to create an add-in using the Visual Basic 6 AddIn template
and then to delete most of the default code, the AddInDesigner simplifies the amount of
work needed by making all the appropriate entries in the Windows registry for you. (See
Figure 11-9.) You can verify the entries in the registry by running RegEdit. (Click the Start
button, then choose Run, type RegEdit and press OK.)
Figure 11-9. You can verify the entries made in the Windows registry by using the
RegEdit utility.
Building a COM Add-In with Visual Basic .NET
Just because Visual Basic .NET doesn’t have native support for COM components doesn’t
mean that you can’t build COM add-ins with it. Like Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET
includes templates that help you to create your own add-ins.
The goal of this add-in is to put a new button on the Excel Standard toolbar (the one with the
New, Open, Save, Print, and so on, buttons) and have it respond to a click with a message box.
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