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This schema tells Excel to expect three data elements for a data structure named productType :
productId , productName , and priceEach . The complexType statement names the data strucĀ­
ture, whereas element definition statements give you the name of the element and the
expected data type (in this case, either a string or a decimal value), while the <xs:sequence>
statement tells Excel to expect the elements in exactly that order every time.
Publishing Spreadsheets with Web Components
Technically part of the Microsoft Office program suite, rather than Excel, the Office Web
Components available for your use in Excel 2003 offer updated functionality that make it
possible for you to publish Web pages that behave like spreadsheets. There are three
Web components available in Office 2003: PivotTable Lists, Spreadsheets, and Charts.
A fourth component, the Data Source Component , provides database access for Web-based
PivotTable lists.
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