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Table 17-5. Key Properties and Methods of the CommandBarControl
Object (continued)
Method: removes this command bar from the
CommandBarControls collection associated with a command bar.
Temporary , when True , means that the control will be automatically
deleted when Excel ends.
Property: when False , means that the control is disabled.
Method: runs the procedure specified in the OnAction property.
Property: contains the height of the command bar control in pixels.
Property: contains the help context ID number associated with the
command bar control. Remember that the HelpFile property must
also be specified for the help subsystem to work properly.
Property: contains the name of the help file associated with the
command bar control.
Property: determines the built-in action for a control. Remember
that Id is set to 1 for all custom controls.
Property (read-only): returns the relative position of the command
bar control in the CommandBarControls collection.
Property (read-only): returns the distance between the left side of
the docking area and the command bar control.
Move (Bar, Before)
Method: moves the current command bar control to the specified
command bar before the specified control. If Bar is not specified,
the current bar is assumed. If Before is not specified, the copy will
be placed at the end of the command bar.
Property: contains the name of a subroutine that will be run when
the user invokes the command bar control. You may also specify
a COM add-in by creating a string using the following syntax:
! < add-in-name >” , where add-in-name is the name of the COM
add-in that should be used.
Property: contains extra information that can be used by the code
associated with the control to modify the default behavior of the
Property: specifies the relative priority of a command bar control
so that if there isn’t space available in the docking area to fit all
the controls, controls with a value of 1 can’t be dropped. Valid
values range from 0 to 7.
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